August 27, 2015

"We keep him at home"

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We keep him at home, a mother said.  

The embarrassment of her statement brings tears to her own eyes. This is one of the first times Ma Hong has ever taken her son out in public. In their hometown of Zibo, China, four hours away, this mother of two is not able to be bring 5-month-old Zhang Zhe Wei out of the house without being laughed at, blamed for his appearance, or despised for bringing a child with a cleft lip into the world.

Before Zhang Zhe Wei was born, Ma Hong and her husband Zhen Zhao Ming had never heard of or seen anyone with such a facial deformity. As the days turned to months, depression grew heavy as hope dwindled. Living off of a farmers salary, treatment for their son was not a tangible idea. Such a procedure was too expensive for the family to afford.

When a friend informed Ma Hong about Operation Smile, she rejoiced at the possibility of a normal life for her son. Up until the family reached the Operation Smile medical mission, Ma Hong felt alone. But she said it was a relief to see so many parents going through her same situation. Ma Hong explains that when she saw her sons name on the list of surgeries to be performed this week, it was aturning point of lifefor her family.

The surgeries performed by Operation Smile not only change the lives of the patients, but also the lives of the grandparents, parents, siblings, and community as a whole. No longer will this smiling, giggling baby be a shame to his family, but a son worthy of dreams, hopes, and a future of endless possibilities.

As Ma Hong bounces her pudgy baby in her lap, the worry lines in her face disappear for an instant. She closes her eyes and smiles softly, soaking up the positive and hopeful energy of the hospital waiting room. Just as her sons name is called to be taken into surgery, Ma Hong kisses her child and whispers in his ear just how lucky they are to be given this opportunity. 


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